I’m Christian Spencer

UX Designer / Web Designer / SEO Specialist

I am a XU Designer, Website Designer, and SEO Specialist who loves to create simple designs that inspire and engage people. I implement Best SEO practices on all my website designs to get my client website ranking high on the search engine. I’m an entrepreneur and a freelancer who lives in New York.







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UX Design

I do user research to empathize with users, understand users’ needs better, and develop a more informed design solution.

Food Delivery Mobile App

The Place Restaurant Food Delivery Mobile App Solution.

new settlement community center swimming page

Community Center UI/UX

New Settlement Community Center UI/UX Website Design

Web Design

Building eCommerce website design in New York City for small businesses. I understand what it takes to meet the needs of a targeted audience and how to utilize an eCommerce website to increase sales of products. If what you are trying to achieve for your business is to start selling online, or you already have a store and need to increase your sales, all you need is me to work on your eCommerce website. I can help you increase your sales and bring in new clients with my eCommerce skills.

a screen shot of a clothing and sale website

Clothing and Sale

Clothing and Sale is a website of an online clothing store in California

a screen shot of hiking trail shoe website

Hiking Trail Shoe

Hiking Trail Shoe website deals with the selling of good hiking shoes.

New York SEO Specialist

I can help you get your business found on google, bring you more leads and convert more website visitors to paying customers. My SEO strategies are unique to the eCommerce business in New York City. They are very distinctive, and I have a fantastic set of factors to ensure a successful campaign.

I begin by learning about your business, its location, the value proposition it offers, the competitive environment, and the conversion factors because this will be how people will purchase what you are selling.

I investigate what your top competitors are doing right to be at the top of the search engine ranking. I develop a plan and strategy based on my SEO analysis from your competitors. I aim to make sure that all your website pages are better and more user-friendly than your competitors.